Friday, October 15, 2010


It has been a month of gusting winds and bending trees, and I find myself spending most of my lunch hour out of doors. After a fast meal, I've taken to rushing outside so I can have the bench along the back of the building all to myself. There, I drink a mug of tea, eat something sweet, read my book, and reconnect a little with the wildest bits of a not-very-wild part of town. It's the best.

My boyfriend and I were talking about our ideal careers the other day. I really think the life of an old-fashioned forest ranger would be perfect for me. Living in an isolated cabin on protected land, I would tramp about the mountaintop maintaining  trails, collecting and analyzing plants and trees, keeping an eye on the wildlife, and intimidating poachers with my rifle. In the evening hours when the forest glows under a sky of stars, I would read or draw or write letters. Brian would build a fire and cook us a giant rustic meal, and then I'd beat him soundly at three games of dominoes in a row. I'm pretty sure we'd live happily ever after.


  1. That sounds like the perfect life. And I love that second picture so much!

    Kate x

  2. This is just lovely. It sounds absolutely wonderful.

  3. I'll throw some bones. I'll throw some bones like you've never seen. Beat me at dominoes indeed...