Monday, July 12, 2010

A quiz

How would you describe this sitting posture?

a. Indian-style
b. cross-legged
c. criss-cross applesauce
d. other

I invite all three of my readers to respond with an answer. Give it a little time, and I'll choose one of you at random for a postcard prize! Yes, I'll send you a postcard of whatever kind of drawing you'd like. 

Just because postcards are so wonderful. And because I'm glad you're reading.


  1. My instinct is Indian-style.

    In an effort to innovate, though, I say kindergarten-style or, for short, garden-style.

    I am first so I should get the postcard!

  2. I'm going with Indian Crossed Applesauce.

    You already have my address, so i'll just keep an eye out.

  3. I'll go with Un-Lotus. (Full lotus -both feet tucked. Half-lotus - one foot tucked).
    Yr fourth reader, Linda S.

  4. I'm saying Indian, even though that might out me as prejudiced. Really, though, my only prejudice is again sitting like that. I've never been able to do it comfortably, so I hate it, even though it might work for others.

  5. I just call that cross-legged. I'm always so amazed at how you can draw the human body and it looks so real.

    Kate x