Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dear readers, I have just eaten a thick slice of crusty bread with butter and lemon curd. Although I could devote an entire post to Things I Love to Spread on Bread, I won't. I'm here on business. See below.

This is a business man with his enormous business phone. I unearthed them last week in boxes unopened since childhood. I don't remember making the phone, but the inspiration for the business man was his fantastic button. "What would Mr. Henry look like?" I must have asked myself before proceeding to cut out his lapels. (Like Donald Draper with a smile and no shoes, apparently.)

The other bit of business to cover is this: the winner from last week's Postcard Quiz is Kate! Please email me at pencildrawn(at)gmail(dot)com with your address and a description of your dream postcard, Kate. I will post a picture of it here once I have completed it.


  1. Oh! I never win anything! How exciting! I'm going to get thinking about what I'd like and email you tonight.

    HURRAH! :)

    Kate x

  2. I like Mr. Henry's business phone. Also to my liking: he looks like the ginger bread man with a toupee.

    I'm curious, what does it say on his tie, or is that just a design?
    Inquiring minds wish to know.

  3. Mr. Henry could easily be a business man AND a gingerbread man. And if his tie were encoded, I would begin to suspect him of being a secret agent man, too.