Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Garden, Week 1

This weekend we started our garden: two tomato plants, four bean varieties, two kinds of sorrel, a host of lettuces, one wild-haired chervil, and a little strawberry plant. Already I feel unduly maternal towards my lettuce, which I've never grown before, and which I'm starting from seed. Next weekend I'm adding basil and dill, and Brian's going to plant another set of beans.


  1. Don't be disappointed if your strawberries don't hatch berries in the first year...I was going to plant them once and then read they don't produce fruit the first season if planted from seed. Lovely little garden!! =) ~Nutz

  2. We bought a small pre-potted strawberry plant--hopefully it wasn't planted from seed, or Brian's green thumb will turn into The Black Thumb of Rageful Wrath and Sulky Disappointment!