Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Candy jars

Candies. On the left are peppermint puffs, which Brian loves to chew to a powdery goo. On the right are my favorite sweets: Polish cream fudges beloved by all Ukrainian children. The kids in my family had different ways of eating them when we were young. My oldest sister Yana ate hers methodically over several days. Dmitry and Oksana (and my Mom) consumed theirs within twenty-four hours. Natasha, I don't remember. Me? I hoarded and savored my stash for months until the fudge turned hard and crystalline.

In my child's mind, the mission of every relative traveling back to the homeland was to return with several pounds of these delights. We often went months without them. Now they're sold in lots of Slavic groceries, and none are more than a ten minute bike ride away in my current neighborhood. Over the weekend Brian and I took our bikes for a spin and I brought home enough fudge to fill my jar twice over, discovered the most delicious home-made pickles, bought a tin of herring, and gave in to a craving when I saw slabs of cold salt pork behind the deli case--all in one little Ukrainian store. Now that I have a supplier nearby, there's no need to hoard my fudge. I've been unfolding the yellow, red, and white paper wrappers and eating a few every day.


  1. Such beautiful sweets! I do love those mint sorts.

    What lovely memories you have and how nice to be refreshing them! :)

    Kate x

  2. I was like Yana and ate them methodically over a few day's time.
    p.s. a FEW a DAY!!!! You'll be spoiled forever if you keep that up! (spoiled in what way i'm not really sure)(maybe you need some help with those)

  3. Actually, with so much fudge handy, they're incredibly easy to resist. What's more, they're easier to share: sometimes when I am in the next room I hear the quiet squeak of tiny hinges as Brian tries to open the jar unobtrusively, and I don't mind at all that the sneak is helping himself to my delicious fudge because it is mine, all mine... to share.