Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter nostalgia

I'm four in this picture; my sister Yana is five. Along with our brother, we spent our earliest years on our grandparents' farm in the Ukraine. Long winters found us digging underground snow tunnels and making igloos nearly every day. I usually don't long for the past, and I know nothing remains the same--not even in our memories. But when I look at this picture some twenty years later, I wish I could return to that time.


  1. Amazing photograph! Happy children in their pristine but terrifyingly desolate winter world of blues and whites. A fairy tale setting.

  2. I still can't get over how much snow that is, no matter how many times I see this photo. I wonder how long it takes to shovel out 3-5 feet of snow?

  3. My mom just told me that my grandmother is snowed in right now and literally can't leave the house because the doors are barred by snowfall. She's had to wedge the door open bit by bit and shovel her way out through the crack. Can you imagine?