Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Odd bird

Found my eraser. It was in a very dusty spot under a chair.

I identified a weird mystery bird this afternoon. My sister and I always see the same enormous, odd-looking mutant duck during our river walks. (Significant feature: gross puffy red and black skin on its face.) We stare and speculate until the bird starts to look nervous, then we back away vowing to return with a camera. Today after a judicious Google search I discovered our odd bird is a wild Muscovy duck--not a mutation resulting from a chemical spill but the result of hundreds of years of domestic inbreeding. This is all my bird book has to say about the Muscovy: "Interbreeding produces a bewildering variety of plumages and sizes; some bear little resemblance to the parent species." Thanks, David Allen Sibley.

I didn't used to think birds were interesting at all, but now I find them fascinating. The natural world is amazing.

Here's another drawing from the weekend. (I know the seventeenth wasn't a weekend day for most people, but it was for me. I had Friday off so my weekend began Thursday after work. Hurrah!)

Title: You can only sit on this couch with me if there's room for you. Which there isn't.

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