Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drawing book in review

I like monsters. Before I drew them with my red litho crayon, I often used purple marker. Or I made them with paper.

Here are sketches of a dog breed I'd never heard of until last year:

After I made these sketches I drew this Schipperke on a postcard and mailed it away.

(More about postcards later. I love them.)

Oh, and one time I drew a house:

I meant to fill this page with more houses in other colors, but never got around to it. I like how blank it looks, though.

In March I began a series of portraits in red litho crayon. Then I started this blog. I've enjoyed sharing my drawings with you, and I look forward to sharing pages from my new drawing book, too.

A few things inspired me to start blogging. Jill's Today I Saw blog was one of them. It combines two things I really like: drawing and postcards. If you're fond of either, and you have an address, then you'll definitely want to be part of her postcard swap.


  1. I love your paper monsters and Schipperke's. And that house looks so familiar...Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful drawings.
    Happy friday.

  2. I know! I think you have seen all of these drawings before. Nevertheless I DO love sharing them.

  3. I really love those dog sketches. I want to meet Bruce now. And that Today I Saw blog is such a great find! If only I had some drawing skills...