Monday, May 31, 2010

Tasty meat

I started a new drawing book last week. Here's my first portrait, inspired by a photograph:

"That's Sergei!" my dad exclaimed when I showed him the photograph.

"I remember him," my sister Natasha said. "He's the man who smells like--"

"Meat." Oksana finished for her. "I don't think he washed very often."

"Yes, but he smelled good," Natasha said, clearly sensitive to the absent Sergei's feelings. "He smelled like tasty meat."

Gag me with a spoon. Can you think of a better title for this portrait than Tasty Meat Man? I wish I could.

June is almost, almost here. I want to return to portraits this coming month. I started this blog as a way of chronicling my weekly drawings, but slowly I got caught up in other wonderful things. (Sandwich-making, cake-baking, flower-picking, and bird-watching--to name a few.) I'm going to try to stick to drawings for a while.

Since I just started a new drawing book, tomorrow (or the next day) I'll show you my old book in review. Pages I didn't manage to post here as well as drawings from before I began blogging.

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