Sunday, May 16, 2010


This one's called I'm Feeling Cross.

Because I am a little. I have a headache brewing.

In keeping with today's color scheme:

I took this picture at the Garfield Park Conservatory last weekend. The koi live in a pond in the Fern Room and are under constant observation by visitors. I snapped a few shots, but the mouth of the pond was so crowded that we didn't get to linger.

I loved the soft sound of trickling water and the warm, loamy smell in that room. I imagine it is cool and dark and quiet below the surface of the pond. We sat on a bench and just listened and breathed for a while. It was so peaceful. Then we returned to the Palm House, where I made a discovery.

I saw a Boojum Tree.

Did you know that a Boojum is the most dangerous kind of Snark there is, and that the sight of one will make you disappear?

"It's a Boojum!" I cried in unconscious imitation of the Baker in Lewis Carroll's poem. Luckily, the Baker's fate did not befall me, for the tree was not an actual Boojum.

Thank goodness.

(If you don't know much about Snarks, The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits will enlighten you. Here it is, if you're interested. One of my favorite poems.)


  1. Why, who is that cross and villainous individual?

    He looks like one of the joker's henchmen from the old Adam West Batman.

    He must be positively seething. And I am so very happy that you steered clear of that Snark.
    Would you like some tea?

  2. I have a soft spot in my heart for seething villains. Especially if they're seething because they've dribbled hot tea on themselves by accident.