Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sandwich Supreme

I like lots of things. Detective work, for instance. And watering plants.

Poems, too. And postcards. (I can't think of any reason not to send a postcard to a friend.)

I like writing letters and identifying birds. When I pass by an open window, I like to look in it. I like dictionaries and etymologies. And I'm especially fond of rainy days.

But there aren't many things I like more than a good sandwich. I love sandwiches.

I loved this sandwich so I much I took twenty pictures of it this morning. I think I invented it.

Whole wheat bread, cream cheese, blackberries, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin butter. Henceforth you ingredients will be known as Sandwich Supreme.

Sandwich Supreme, you were good. You tasted like cake.


  1. While the sandwich certainly looks ambrosial I would fear that biting into those whole blackberries would cause messy juices to spurt all over your comely moustaches.

  2. Dear X, You are sweet to worry. I have eaten this sandwich three times in as many days, and the blackberries hardly squirt at all. Whether this is because thick walls of cream cheese and pumpkin butter catch and absorb the juices, or because blackberries are not nearly so squirtsome as you'd think--I am glad to report it was not a problem. I ate yesterday's sandwich on a bench outside the library and did not even require a napkin. (I was not wearing a mustache at the time.)